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Items Required for Permit (new homes)

Atlas Township Building Department

items required for building permit


Residential construction


1.   2- Complete sets of construction documents including the following:  Dwelling

      accessory building, deck, truss, I- Joist, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing . 

      (showing revisions, additions, deletions).

2.   Legal description of property, copy of deed/land contract , and copy of land survey*

3.   Septic and Well permits from Genesee County Health Department (yellow copy)

4.   Culvert permit from County Road Commission.

5.   Plot plan (drawn to scale) showing dimensions of property, all setbacks, location of

      well, septic, driveways, other buildings, and any other significant features.

6.   Soil Erosion permit from Genesee County Drain Commission.

7.   Completed (2) Applications for permit and plan examination.

8.   Michigan Energy Code Worksheet (completed)

9.   All restrictions and /or covenants which apply to the property.


*    If property was divided after January 1, 1989 recorded copies of the deed/land

      and survey must be provided before a building permit will be issued. 


no construction shall be started until approval is given by the building inspector. Inspections must be called in by 11:30 A. M. to receive inspection that day



Required inspections

1.   Site Inspection (staked out prior to work being started)

2    All Footing Inspections: before being poured

3.      Backfill Inspection: pea rock, tile, T’s, and damp proofing.

4.      Rough Inspection: after all Rough Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing inspections have been completed by state inspectors.

5.      Insulation Inspection:

6.      Basement Floor: ( pea rock, tile and visqueen)

7.      Garage Floor & concrete porch floor: sand (compacted)  visqueen also required if living space over garage

8.      Brick Inspection (weep holes and flashing)  2003 code section 703 wall covering

9.      Final Inspection for Occupancy Permit:  after all Final Electrical, Mechanical, and Plumbing inspections have been completed by State Inspector, and after Final Septic System approval has been received from the County Health Department.



         (Water and Ice shield to be installed on all roofs.)

Re-Inspection fee may be charged if project is not ready, or does not pass.          Minimum fee is $45.00 and must be paid prior to Re-inspection being made.