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Items Required for Permit (non home)



                   Items required for building permit

                  pole barns, garages, decks porches etc.     



  1. 2 complete sets of construction documents
  2. plot plan showing all setbacks including property lines location of well and septic

      driveway, all other buildings and any other significant features.

  1. Completed contractor’s information form.
  2. Name and address and phone number of property owner
  3. All restrictions and/ or covenants that apply to property.
  4. Application for building permit, filled out and applicable fees paid to Township
  5. Any electrical Plumbing and heating permits required obtained through the State.
  6. Soil Erosion permit or waiver from Drain Commission




No construction shall be started until the Building Inspector gives approval

Inspections must be called in by 11:30 A. M. to receive an inspection that day




  1. Site inspection ( staked out prior to work being started)
  2. All footing and floor Inspections: before being poured, basement areas must have 6 mls visqueen. Garage compacted sand.
  3. Backfill  Inspection for basement or crawl space additions
  4. Brick flashing
  5. Weather barrier (Tyvek)
  6. Framing inspection after all rough Wiring, Plumbing  and Heating  is complete and approved by State Inspectors               
  7. Insulation Inspection if applicable
  8. Final inspection. After everything is complete


Note: above may change per job


Any Re-inspections will be charged $45.00



Contact Matt at 810-636-6809 for Inspections or email:


Building Inspector
Matt Hart

7386 S. Gale Road. P.O. Box 277 Goodrich MI 48438

Phone: 810-636-6809

Fax: 810-636-6244