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Request for Proposals for Preliminary Sewer Master Planning Services

By August 30, 2022No Comments

SUBMISSION OF PROPOSALS.  Proposals as noted herein, are solicited by Atlas Township, 7386 South Gale Road, Grand Blanc, Mi 48439. All Proposals shall be received by:

Atlas Township

Clerk’s Office

7386 S. Gale Road

Grand Blanc, Michigan  48439

Attention:  Township Clerk


The Proposals shall be enclosed in an opaque sealed envelope marked with the Project title, the name and address of COMPANY SUBMITTING.  If a PROPOSAL is sent by mail or other delivery system, the sealed envelope containing the Bid shall be enclosed in a separate envelope plainly marked on the outside with the notation “PROPOSAL ENCLOSED” on the face of it.


On Friday September 16, at 2:00 pm, local time, all Proposals submitted shall be publicly opened and the total Proposal prices read aloud.


GENERAL DESCRIPTION.  Proposals are solicited under a general services contract for furnishing the following items:

  • Assist the Township in identifying areas of the Township in need of sanitary sewer service.
  • Identify the number of parcels in the selected areas that would be potentially served by sanitary sewer.
  • Identify the number of REUs associated with the parcels.
  • Develop preliminary routes, pipe sizes, and appurtenances necessary to connect to existing GCDC-WWS sewers, or the proposed KCI Project.
  • Develop the preliminary costs associated with providing sewer to each of the areas identified above. Costs should be broken down in logical components/projects to allow for phasing in the future.
  • Deliverable is a Preliminary Design Report (PDR) outlining the above items in a concise and clear report.
  • Proposal should include the names and resumes of the staff assigned to the project.
  • The Company’s schedule of hourly rates.
  • Due to time constraints related to the KCI Project funding and design, time is of the essence for this project



Proposals Due:    September 16, 2022

Proposal Award: September 20, 2022

PDR Due:  December 12, 2022


 ACCEPTANCE OF PROPOSAL.  Atlas Township may accept any Proposal or reject any Proposal and waive any irregularities in Proposals at its sole discretion.


WITHDRAWAL OF PROPOSALS.  A COMPANY shall be permitted to withdraw its Proposal unopened after it has been deposited if such request is received prior to the time specified for opening Proposals, provided COMPANY’S identity is made known and it signs for the proposal.   No Proposal may be withdrawn after the opening of the Proposals for a minimum of ninety (90) days from the scheduled time for submitting Proposals without the written consent of Atlas Township.



Shirley Kautman-Jones, Supervisor

Atlas Township

Grand Blanc, Michigan 48439